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Contact Lens Services

Dr. Hoang provides a variety of contact lens services: Soft contacts, RGP, scleral, and orthokeratology (or ortho-k).

Soft Contacts: Whether you are nearsighted (myopic) or farsighted (hyperopic), have astigmatism and want to take an occasional break from glasses use, soft contacts may be the right option for you. Patients can decide whether to be fitted in daily disposables (you toss them at the end of the day or when you used them once), 2-week lenses, or monthly lenses (you can reuse these for the next 30 days, not necessarily 30 times of use)

There are pros and cons to each type of modality:

For daily disposables, they are convenient because you get a fresh, sanitized pair every time you wear contacts. You do not have to worry about cleaning them after you take them off because all you have to do is toss them. They also are typically lighter and thinner than the conventional monthly/2 week lens so they should feel more comfortable. Sometimes patients get sticker shock when they see how much dailies cost compared to monthlies, but think about this– if you don’t wear your contact lenses everyday, and if you factor in the amount of money you are saving by not purchasing contact lens solution, and also weigh in the cost of the health/comfort of your eyes, then dailies may be a great option for you. It is also nice that you can purchase 90 packs, or 3 months supply, at a time.

For monthlies/bi-weekly contact lens wearers, these patients typically wear their contact lenses more full time out of the week and have no complaints of dryness. They do not mind cleaning their lenses (in proper contact lens solution) every night and they like the value/cost of the lenses. These lenses are typically made with a wider range of parameters as well. Meaning, not all patients with a high prescription can be fit into dailies if it is not available. we typically switch patients out of monthlies and into monthlies once they start feeling discomfort. Discomfort is usually due to the friction of rubbing the inside of your eyelid with the contact lens itself, but also contact lens patients typically blink less completely (upper and lower lids do not touch when blinking). This can cause poor tear film and thus dryness.

Color contacts are great for patients who want to change up their look. They are only available in spherical prescription, meaning patients with high astigmatism will not be able to see clearly through these lenses. Color contacts are available in dailies, and monthlies. Dr. Hoang will be able to provide you with samples in the office so you can demo the colors. An important thing to note is that color contacts are still considered a medical device and patients must be fitted with a proper contact lens exam in order to get a prescription–even if the patients do not have a have trouble with their vision.

Patients who experience presbyopia, or the inability to focus their vision at near (typically over age 40), can still be candidates for contact lenses. Some of these patients choose to correct their distance vision fully and then wear reading glasses for near vision. For patients who do not wish to wear glasses, they have the option of being fitted with monovision, or be fitted in multi-focal contacts.

Monovision is where you use your dominant eye for distance vision, and your non-dominant eye for near vision. This fit is typically for those who want sharp vision for distance and near, they do not like vision that is slightly fuzzy. We use standard single vision dailies or monthly lenses. Caution with driving with monovision because it takes away your depth perception, meaning that you may not judge your distances away from objects correctly. This can be solved by having a pair of distance glasses rx over contacts while you are driving. Also understand that with monovision, you need to choose the working distance you want for your near vision. Some patients work on the computer all day so we will make vision clear in one eye for that distance, and they will have to put reading glasses for fine print up close. If we were to correct the one eye for closer near vision instead, realize that you may have to lean in for computer vision (unless you sit really close to your computer). It will help to measure the working distance (in cm or inches) that you mainly use for near vision before the monovision fit, so Dr. Hoang can get you the precise rx that you need.

Patients who are happy in multifocal contacts are generally those who are happy with adequate vision for distance and near, not sharp vision. This is ideal for patients who want to function without the additional use of glasses about 75% of the time (can go out, read your phone, etc). And for those instances where there is very fine print, it may require the additional assistance with reading glasses. Multifocal contacts come in either dailies or monthlies.

Dr. Hoang also fits RGP and scleral contacts for diseases like keratoconus and corneal ectasia. Some patients can be fit in scleral lenses in cases of severe dry eye. Be sure to read the specialty contact lens section for more information.

Dr. Hoang has a passion for slowing down myopia in the adolescent population, so she fits  specialty soft contacts and the rigid contacts called orthokeratology, or ortho-k. For more information on orthokeratology, read more in the myopia management section, or visit

Contact Lens Exam Fees vary based on your vision insurance:

  • Spherical Fit
  • Toric/Astigmatism Fit
  • Monovision Fit
  • Multifocal Fit
  • RGP Spherical Fit
  • RGP Toric Fit
  • Orthokeratology (ortho-k)
  • Scleral Fit
  • Myopia management soft contacts

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Dr. Hoang and her team made my routine eye exam very insightful and informative. I couldn’t be happier with my new contacts & glasses!

Dr Hoang was great. Gave me a lot of info and really was patient and took the time to make sure I understood everything. A great experience. I really felt like everyone on staff cared. Thank you

Very pleased with Dr. Hoang and the staff, are friendly and efficient. Make an appointment, you won’t be disappointed!

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