Are long hours in front of a computer giving you discomfort in the form of dry eyes?

When you’ve been sitting in front of a computer for too long, you might notice the following sensations in your eyes:

  • Feeling like something is stuck in your eye
  • A gritty feeling
  • Itchiness
  • Redness

Activities that demand intense focus (such as working in front of a screen) can result in eyestrain and dryness. According to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, a person blinks up to 66 percent less while using a computer or laptop:

As we stare at the computer screen or while reading, our blink rate decreases. We actually blink 66% less while working on the computer. This will cause your eyes to feel dry and to burn

Dry eye sufferers are turning towards MiBoFlo technology for soothing relief.

What is MiBoFlo technology?

The MiBoFlo Thermoflo┬« is a device used as therapy for dry eyes. MiBoFlo is a comfortable, relaxing, spa-like treatment that takes less than 15 minutes per eye. It works by utilizing a thermoelectric heat pump to help maximize liquefaction of meibum (an oily substance that prevents evaporation of the eye’s tear film which prevents dryness).

This therapy is aimed at improving function of the meibomian component of the tear film.

Here are 3 things you need to know:

MiBoFlo Helps Effectively Manage Dry Eye Disease

The heat helps the oil in the meibomian glands in the eyelids become more liquid. This helps the oil flow better onto the eye and protect the tear film. Since the oil is directed back onto the surface of the eye, it helps prevents the tears from evaporating.

MiBoFlo Is a Comfortable Procedure

It works by first placing a cool gel on the eyelid. The function of the gel is to cushion the special heat probe during your ocular massage. The MiBoFlo produces a therapeutic temperature of 108 degrees (slightly warmer than your body temperature). Your eyes will be closed during the procedure, and nothing will touch your eyeball, only your eyelid. This treatment is pain-free and relaxing, essentially a spa for your eyes.

MiBoFlo Is a Safe Alternative to Other Dry Eye Treatments

This is an extremely comfortable procedure, that does not require any anesthetic or pain killer of any kind. In fact, some patients fall asleep during the treatments. This is compared to other types of Dry Eye Treatments which vary in discomfort and invasiveness:

  • Drugs to reduce eyelid inflammation.
  • Eye inserts that work like artificial tears.
  • Tear-stimulating drugs.
  • Eyedrops made from your own blood.
  • Closing your tear ducts to reduce tear loss.
  • Tear ducts can be plugged with tiny silicone plugs (punctal plugs). These are removable. Or tear ducts can be plugged with a procedure that uses heat. This is a more permanent solution called thermal cautery.

If you have any questions about how to get started with this treatment, contact us for a comprehensive eye exam to see if this is a good fit!